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 Thank you for checking in! Due to time constraints I'm not updating the site often. I have the collection of art my folks collected over the years as well as Dads stamp collection that is available for purchase. Once I have the photos available I'll be posting them and pricing too.

HBePFI is something I have been avoiding since the late 70's when the strength of my personal field was discovered by a Dr.-MD who was studying the phenomena at the time. Personally I don't believe in the HBePF rather I have come to an understanding of what it is through empirical means over the years. I've recently researched what it is that I observed over the years finding many currently understood western theories/research and ancient practices of other cultures have similar methods of interaction but nothing exactly like the process I've developed. I have applied a scientific approach by monitoring results on a small scale, not in a clinical setting, by personal observation and reports from the people themselves. With only a brief study undertaken recently, I am already getting requests for interactions. HBePFI is a non-invasive process.

 Due to possible confidentially compromise I can not explain further publicly at this time. I'll be sending out confidentiality forms to those that may advance the project of bringing the effect to the masses. 

I'm just setting things up and there is a lot to do. More info as is available and I have time to post.

I'm accepting contributions (button below) so I can have the time to get Legally Certified in several areas related to interaction. I'm still researching what they may call the process I'm using (developed?). I've not found anything exactly like my process so far but I'm still checking into the similarities of other processes. 

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